We don't want you to fail.

But help you reduce the cost in case if you do.

We help you to reach to market faster with kick-start operations. Which means you spend more time in market then in office fixing your team and cables.

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We arrange and manage, place-to-sit, person-on-chair, devices-in-person-hands, softwares-in-those-devices, Book Keeping and compliance, and last but not least, marketing and lead generation. You only manage, pre-sales, sales, execution, and support​. 

A Place to Sit and a place to meet!

Discover Premises Management Services, brought to you by TAJMAC Premises Management Division. Enhance your workspace for comfort and productivity, creating an ideal setting for meetings and collaboration.

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Discover Premises Management Services

An Employee on Chair!

Introducing HR Services, powered by 3rd-Dimension HRD Solutions, a division of TAJMAC. Elevate your workforce's performance, growth, and well-being with expert HR solutions.

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Discover HR Services

Devices in employee hands!

Empower your employees with cutting-edge devices through Device-as-a-Service or direct purchase. SNETMAC Private Limited, a TAJMAC Network Company, delivers the technology you need.

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Discover Device-as-a-Service

Software in employee devices!

Unlock the potential of employee devices with software and services from Cloudtastic Private Limited, a TAJMAC Network Company. Elevate your business with tailored software solutions.

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Discover Software and Services

Managing Books and Compliance

Streamline bookkeeping and compliance with Consulting Services by TAJMAC Consulting Division. Ensure financial stability and regulatory adherence with our expert guidance. 

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Discover Consulting Services

Marketing and Lead Generation

Supercharge your brand with Marketing Services from BoloBlast Marketing Private Limited, a TAJMAC Network Company. Maximize visibility and lead generation for your business.

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Discover Marketing Services

Want everything in single invoice from multiple companies or split invoice to your multiple companies, we got you covered.

Leave the hassle if inter-company billings behind.